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19th December 2005

menotafish2:05am: LONG TIME NO POST ICI!
This break, at some point, I say we old school it Demented Bunny Sleepover Style.
I was inspired since my mom happened to make Chex Muddy Buddies for her church class.

Anyone up for this? And when and where?

20th December 2003

ouisi1:25am: SO YEAH.

Mandy and I have been talking and we need to figure out a date for us to get together. So yeah, when are you guys available? Sean is coming to Michigan on the 27th but he has family to see so I can get rid of him for a day/night whatever.

I wanna see you guys.............!!!!

So comment, y'all.

26th November 2003

menotafish12:23am: CUDDLES!
This has to be the scariest community ever: http://www.livejournal.com/community/cuddle_zone. They are interested in bunnies I am scared.

So, kids, life. Um, you know who loses? Mandy. We should make an anti-Mandy journal. Soon as I have money...HAHAHAa.

20th October 2003


Hi Bunnies! How's life?

23rd September 2003

menotafish6:34pm: Back to School Bunnies!


So uh...that's what it takes to say we're at school.

How is everyone?

3rd August 2003

skeeballstar2:01pm: Big sister Mandy's trying to get some sleep....
Well, since Mandy's birthday came and went without ANYTHING, and mine is going to flop I'm sure even though I'm going to try and call everyone I know to it once I know I can have it, I want to have a DB get together. Just for a day, or a few hours, or something. This next week. Maybe Tuesday? Every other day I work 3-11 but we can pull a sleepover after if it works for other people. I know we've all changed so much, and we seem so far apart to me right now. It seems pretty much like the four of us are all going our own ways. I haven't seen Mandy all summer. And pretty much the only way I keep up with Weese is in her journal. And I think Heidi is going to be the only one reading this since Weese's internet is down.

But I want to get the four of us together. I have all the files, and I want to just go through them together. For fun.
Current Mood: nostalgic

4th July 2003

skeeballstar2:25pm: Attn: Bunnies

We need to get on this getting together stuff. We have Mandy's birthday to plan!
Current Mood: complacent

20th June 2003

menotafish3:14pm: The theory of Mandy
Guys, I finally figured out why Mandy doesn't update in her journal ever. And it is not just because she hates English, oh no, this was pre-ordained.

The top bars on this website are blue, orange and purple; the order in which the rest of us got our journals. There is no green whatsoever. Even in the little colored area with the squares and the text, there is a bunch of blue, orange and purple [or shades thereof, which I theorize represent our moods] and a bit of a bluish-green [not sure what that means].

I think we all know what needs to happen...DB SLEEPOVER!
Current Mood: determined

20th May 2003

menotafish12:17pm: The redemption of Christopher Columbus
Allo bunnies! Well kids, it's finally summer. This means we need a Demented Bunny sleepover. I found a couple new sing-a-long tapes we can try out [and I found Artie in my room, I didn't even know I HAD him!]

So yeah. Weekends are bad for me but I can hold anything on a weeknight. There's a ton of floor space now so no one will be crammed in anywhere [Remembers waking up next to Weese's vibrating cell phone and being behind the heroin addicted fetus.]

So yeah, once again. And hopefully this time we can have a Day of Fun afterwards [read: not Weese having to work, Mandy being driven home quickly and Missy, Andy and I hanging out although that is by no means bad.]

Blah. I am boring. And it is time for lunch.
Current Mood: content

11th April 2003

ouisi2:12pm: Maybe it could be a late party? Hrrrmmm...because with finals and all I'm pretty stressed out and I don't have much planning time. But when can you and when can't you? Maybe I'll have it when you're back in South Lyon for the summer. You will....be..here right?

So what's been going on? Anything? We need to take a road trip or something, all of us, to talk about old times and eat and sing or something. I'm being random, anyway...yeah. :o)

9th April 2003

skeeballstar10:11am: WAKE UP!
Why don't we ever write in this?! Mandy must be too wrapped up in her 16 year old lover. :) He he.

So we need to get on this like a bad habit. Wait, that makes no sense but it was what came into my head. We have definitely lost touch with the old DB spirit, except for the occations when we're together for the holidays. I propose a DB chat sometime a la AIM so that we can all talk, and force mandy into the conversation. It will be fun I promise.

Other than that, I don't think we have anything else going on. Weese's birthday is next, but I'll be in Alma. Maybe she can have an early party.....

Ha! Chris totally just sat next to me. And hes talking to his computer.
Current Mood: amused

7th February 2003

skeeballstar11:42am: I'm bored at work again....
I wanna update but my journal gets updated too much so i thought I'd do this one because it's pretty much stagnant. So yeah, I'm at work and i should be working, but I don't want to.

So we need to have our day together sometime soon. I don't know when mandy's next break is, but I'll be home Feb. 21st until March 2nd. I need to know when Heidi's party things is too. I need a costume!! All in due time I suppose. But yeah, after that break I'll be home one more weekend to get my cast changed, but I won't have any way to get home any other weekend because I won't be able to drive, saddly....

So, what else is going on? I'm the first DB to join a sorority.... Who would have thought I figured Mandy would have before me. :) But she's too busy molesting 15... er 16 year olds. Kidding!

So bored.... I was going to come home this Saturday to return some paper and chill for a while because my friend Katie is going to U of M to see a friend, but she won't wait for me to get out of my sorority retreat. Ah well.... It's only another 2 weeks until i come home for a week anyway. And so far, only 3 of those days are reserved; Heidi's prarty, Surgery, and Schoeff day. We need to get more plans set. i wanna go to Garden City!!

Okay, I'll stop now.W
Current Mood: blah

20th January 2003

skeeballstar8:52am: Yay! We never post in here...
I'm at work, and I'm bored. My boss isn't going to show up today I dn't think because of all sorts of PR stuff that needs to be done for Martin Luther King Day. I wonder if he wanted me to cover anything... He he. So long as i don't have to cover recruitment. Yep, I'm doing sorority recruitment. Scary I know.

So there's not too much going on in Alma. I have t make a trip home sometime to buy photo supplies. It will be a rushed and scattereed trip though saddly because we need the supplies soon. And then I have stuff going on here on the weekends. Weekend trips seem to be getting harder and harder to make... Scary. I might be going abroad next term if I decide I want to m leader in marching band. But Andrew is going to Scotland possibly and I might go too. That's where I want to spend a term. If not next term, then maybe the one after that. And then weekend trips wll be even harder I would imagine... He he.

Anyway, i wanted to post in here. There's nothing going on so i could contunie to ramble but I won't.

Current Mood: bored

13th November 2002

menotafish3:18pm: Blast from the Past
I found this while cleaning out something today. I like to call it- Back in 9th or 10th grade:

-Twiddlebug fansite
-Missy, Mandy, something.
-Kevvie's story, Snoopy in Space
-Friend literature {?!?!?}
-Thelephant and Hrampoline.
-Page to our pets
-The scorpion [from the 6th grad English book] find it online
-Tribute to the 80's/old skool nickelodeon- Welcome Freshmen, Pete and Pete, Clarissa, Salute Your Shorts, Ren and Stimpy, Count Duckula, Finders Keepers, that one show....[ I haven't lost my touch!] Double dare and Family double dare, Nick Arcade.
-Once Upon A Hampster, Family Ties, Life Goes On
-Stick Stickly [p.o. box 963, NY city, NY state, 10108!
Anime, music, Kevin Smith, Sailor Moon, LimpBizkit, Lookout.

Obviously weese and i made this list but still, it's funny cause look at what we're into now! It's almost scary. Anyway...bye!
Current Mood: nostalgic

28th October 2002

menotafish7:54pm: DB DOUBLE ALBUM
As I finally have a burner, it's high time to make the DB double album that we've all been talking about for God knows how long.

-everything on the disney sing-a-long
-Hanson shite
-Some Beatles stuff...Weese, help me out here.
-Apple Shampoo just cause I remember Missy had that on a newsletter 5 years and no one else knew what it was. And that was truly funny.
-Don't Touch That from Doctor Demento
-Gettin' Jiggy Wit It
-That song Mandy said sounded like Christmas...someone? something?
-If possible, random sounds from the Crayola thing [click to print a picture! Undo a Boo-boo!] and Lenny's Music Toons [GEt on up! Let the bass kick it!]

And i'm forgetting a lot...but for right now that is all I can remember so that will have to do.

and oh yes...North to Alaska by Johnny Horton
Current Mood: nostalgic

26th October 2002

ouisi7:16pm: hmmmmm. yes....i will send mail to missy and/or mandy if i get their addresses. hey, whose turn is it for a sleepover?

11th October 2002

skeeballstar8:46am: I have to go to work, but I wanted to put something in here really quick!

Yay for coming home and going to the football game in my kilt! Wahoo!

We need to plan for x-mas!!

Later buns'

1st October 2002

menotafish11:53am: Happy October!
I think the idea of Mandy and the idea of journal just don't click for a reason. Anyway yeah.

Hey missy do you remember that time your dad had a video camera from the school and we made commercials in your kitchen? I just remembered that this morning.

Well, off to do homework!

14th September 2002

skeeballstar6:18pm: Weese said it was dying so I thought I'd post.

Are we having a Christmas sleepover this winter? When is everyone's breaks? I might be going to Texas at the start of my break, but later I should be there. And I have to go back early for the HIP trip to New York if it goes through. It's going to be interesting. I'm no good and they keep telling me I'll figure it out but I'm not so sure. I also might have to miss out on my surgery this winter because of HIP marching. I'm worried about that. i really shouldn't keep delaying the surgery, but I have to say that I'm not excited about it. My mom really wants it done though. I'm not so sure.

Well, Love you all. Have a good week.
ouisi12:51pm: This thing is already dying. Well, I'll write...How is school for everyone? It's ok for me, it's just still very lonely. I'm creating a livejournal community for people who go to EMU in hopes of making at least one buddy, or at least meeting people. In other things...what's going on? I wish I had something important to say, but not really, I'm just struggling to keep this thing alive.

6th September 2002

ouisi4:34pm: school is very draining....zzzzzzz....
skeeballstar9:35am: Yeah DB!!
He he. So I thought I'd write in here since I figured that's why we created it!

What up all? He he. My hommies.

I have my job interview in like an hour and a half and I'm freaked and already completely ready. I don't know exactly where I'm going yet though. It's one of the houses but I'm not sure which one. So if I get lost do you think I won't get the job?? I made a resume this morning...... Don't get your hopes up guys but I really want this job.
Current Mood: determined

2nd September 2002

skeeballstar8:11pm: Hi!
I didn't notice this before since I usually post in my regular one. So Hi! I miss you guys now that we're all spread out (he he)

Mandy: When are you visiting home next? We can have a sleepover for Christmas for sure. I'm thinking I'll be home either the 7th or 21st

Weesel and Heidi: Yo! What's up? Why didn't you guys come with Andy today?

So I'm out. Hey, i have no classes on Friday's!!

30th August 2002

menotafish10:53am: Welcome Mandy Bandy!
Just so you's guys know, well, Missy at least, Mandy has a journal now! She is airdink. go mandy.

In other news, there is no other news as of current. So... wheeee /me runs giddily down the fall screaming the names of 18th century Japanese Haiku poets who made their living on the sale of mixed tea and opium as a morning fix for the Japanese Consumer. LIVE IN REALITY!
Current Mood: blah

19th August 2002

menotafish10:58am: The Beginning of what cold be a beuatiful thing
YEah Weese, i had the same sinking feeling about this. All because of Mandy....that and i find it difficult to write in two things at once. That's always been a problem but i guess i'm gonna learn how to deal with that real fast. So okay. Yeah. I'm going to work in 2 hours. My last day for a whole day! Yahoo! You still coming with to Ann Arbor on Tuesdya weese? I wanted to go to a movie while i was out there so if there's anything you want to see, tell me and i'll look into showtimes. I'm in a movie mood.

Does this mean Mandy has to get a journal if she wants to write in here? Hmmm. That could interesting. I think it'd go a little something like this: "Hi. I'm Mandy. I don't like writing. Now I'm off to class." Just kidding Mandy.

Alright, thass' enough of this shite. Choose life, kids!
Current Mood: apprehensive
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