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Blast from the Past

I found this while cleaning out something today. I like to call it- Back in 9th or 10th grade:

-Twiddlebug fansite
-Missy, Mandy, something.
-Kevvie's story, Snoopy in Space
-Friend literature {?!?!?}
-Thelephant and Hrampoline.
-Page to our pets
-The scorpion [from the 6th grad English book] find it online
-Tribute to the 80's/old skool nickelodeon- Welcome Freshmen, Pete and Pete, Clarissa, Salute Your Shorts, Ren and Stimpy, Count Duckula, Finders Keepers, that one show....[ I haven't lost my touch!] Double dare and Family double dare, Nick Arcade.
-Once Upon A Hampster, Family Ties, Life Goes On
-Stick Stickly [p.o. box 963, NY city, NY state, 10108!
Anime, music, Kevin Smith, Sailor Moon, LimpBizkit, Lookout.

Obviously weese and i made this list but still, it's funny cause look at what we're into now! It's almost scary. Anyway...bye!
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