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Yay! We never post in here...

I'm at work, and I'm bored. My boss isn't going to show up today I dn't think because of all sorts of PR stuff that needs to be done for Martin Luther King Day. I wonder if he wanted me to cover anything... He he. So long as i don't have to cover recruitment. Yep, I'm doing sorority recruitment. Scary I know.

So there's not too much going on in Alma. I have t make a trip home sometime to buy photo supplies. It will be a rushed and scattereed trip though saddly because we need the supplies soon. And then I have stuff going on here on the weekends. Weekend trips seem to be getting harder and harder to make... Scary. I might be going abroad next term if I decide I want to m leader in marching band. But Andrew is going to Scotland possibly and I might go too. That's where I want to spend a term. If not next term, then maybe the one after that. And then weekend trips wll be even harder I would imagine... He he.

Anyway, i wanted to post in here. There's nothing going on so i could contunie to ramble but I won't.

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