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I'm bored at work again....

I wanna update but my journal gets updated too much so i thought I'd do this one because it's pretty much stagnant. So yeah, I'm at work and i should be working, but I don't want to.

So we need to have our day together sometime soon. I don't know when mandy's next break is, but I'll be home Feb. 21st until March 2nd. I need to know when Heidi's party things is too. I need a costume!! All in due time I suppose. But yeah, after that break I'll be home one more weekend to get my cast changed, but I won't have any way to get home any other weekend because I won't be able to drive, saddly....

So, what else is going on? I'm the first DB to join a sorority.... Who would have thought I figured Mandy would have before me. :) But she's too busy molesting 15... er 16 year olds. Kidding!

So bored.... I was going to come home this Saturday to return some paper and chill for a while because my friend Katie is going to U of M to see a friend, but she won't wait for me to get out of my sorority retreat. Ah well.... It's only another 2 weeks until i come home for a week anyway. And so far, only 3 of those days are reserved; Heidi's prarty, Surgery, and Schoeff day. We need to get more plans set. i wanna go to Garden City!!

Okay, I'll stop now.W
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