Missy (v. 2.0) (skeeballstar) wrote in dementedbunnies,
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Big sister Mandy's trying to get some sleep....

Well, since Mandy's birthday came and went without ANYTHING, and mine is going to flop I'm sure even though I'm going to try and call everyone I know to it once I know I can have it, I want to have a DB get together. Just for a day, or a few hours, or something. This next week. Maybe Tuesday? Every other day I work 3-11 but we can pull a sleepover after if it works for other people. I know we've all changed so much, and we seem so far apart to me right now. It seems pretty much like the four of us are all going our own ways. I haven't seen Mandy all summer. And pretty much the only way I keep up with Weese is in her journal. And I think Heidi is going to be the only one reading this since Weese's internet is down.

But I want to get the four of us together. I have all the files, and I want to just go through them together. For fun.
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