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The Beginning of what cold be a beuatiful thing

YEah Weese, i had the same sinking feeling about this. All because of Mandy....that and i find it difficult to write in two things at once. That's always been a problem but i guess i'm gonna learn how to deal with that real fast. So okay. Yeah. I'm going to work in 2 hours. My last day for a whole day! Yahoo! You still coming with to Ann Arbor on Tuesdya weese? I wanted to go to a movie while i was out there so if there's anything you want to see, tell me and i'll look into showtimes. I'm in a movie mood.

Does this mean Mandy has to get a journal if she wants to write in here? Hmmm. That could interesting. I think it'd go a little something like this: "Hi. I'm Mandy. I don't like writing. Now I'm off to class." Just kidding Mandy.

Alright, thass' enough of this shite. Choose life, kids!
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