Serpopard Ishtar; son of Uosdwis R. Jawoh (menotafish) wrote in dementedbunnies,
Serpopard Ishtar; son of Uosdwis R. Jawoh

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The redemption of Christopher Columbus

Allo bunnies! Well kids, it's finally summer. This means we need a Demented Bunny sleepover. I found a couple new sing-a-long tapes we can try out [and I found Artie in my room, I didn't even know I HAD him!]

So yeah. Weekends are bad for me but I can hold anything on a weeknight. There's a ton of floor space now so no one will be crammed in anywhere [Remembers waking up next to Weese's vibrating cell phone and being behind the heroin addicted fetus.]

So yeah, once again. And hopefully this time we can have a Day of Fun afterwards [read: not Weese having to work, Mandy being driven home quickly and Missy, Andy and I hanging out although that is by no means bad.]

Blah. I am boring. And it is time for lunch.
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